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A lot of the work I do involves graphics and design, most of which ends up filtering over into my real, day-to-day life and its arrangements. That means I have all sorts of printed goodies laying around my flat, some of which is used (most of which is in the “really husband, I will do something with this stuff” pile). I made these free recipe card templates on a whim, thinking some of you might get a kick out of something bright, modern, and not a boring and typical 4×6 lined index card in your recipe catalogue. All of these cards are 4×6 inches, so will fit nicely in that aforementioned catalogue box thingie, or whatever it is you use (organised chaos, perhaps).

Now available in pdf format!

Based on feedback I wanted to both create a higher quality format and all the cards to be typed on for printing. The result is a pdf document, in which you can add your own text. Please be aware any text you type beyond the realm of the visible card will not show when printed. This seems like common sense but hey, you never know. You can type in and save this format to disk, too.

Floral Pop 4x6 Recipe Cards
Download Floral Pop 4x6 Recipe Cards

Any references to teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, or any fraction thereof, are based on American measurements.

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  • kippygo

    Hmm, good question… In order to save the images individually to take to a photo centre, your idea is probably as good as any other. Interesting idea, to get a photo place to print!

  • jennipenni

    Hoping this will help someone…Just an update, I filled out the forms in pdf format and then did a print screen for each of the four cards. Then I pasted the print screen into Paint and cropped to 4×6 and printed one on a 4×6 photo card. The quality was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing these!

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  • cherylkirk

    I love these cards but when I type it is just a plain font. I really like the font in your demo above. How do I change fonts? I cannot find an option for that?

  • kippygo

    Hi Cheryl,

    Glad you like the cards! Unfortunately font licences come with all sorts of agreements, and most of them don't allow you to embed them in software without special permissions and/or extra payments (if at all). I respect any artist's work and always err on the side of caution, never embedding anything that isn't strictly mine.

  • http://simplyfunstuff.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    Hi! I wanted to send you an email to tell you that I linked to your wonderful recipe card downloads on my blog, but when I click the Aout or Contact links I get an error. Anyway, I posted them on my blog simplyfunstuff.blogspot.com. Thanks for sharing!

    San Diego

  • Jacy

    Maybe I'm not seeing it, but I can't figure out to get the PDF form of this. Any help??? I was sent here by littenannygoat.blogspot.com

    These are absolutely beautiful, by the way :D

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip


    Thanks for commenting about this! Turns out I'd accidentally turned off some software which added a download link thingy (technical speak). It should be fixed now :) Thanks for letting me know.

  • cookie

    i love your disigns. They are so cute!

  • Denise Groves

    Oh my goodness! These are absolutely the most beautiful recipe cards I have ever seen! Bar none!

  • Liz Budd

    I love the simple attractive design of these recipe cards. Thank you so much!

  • LuAnn M

    I really liked these recipe card templates – they're pretty and easy to use. My only problem with them are the ruled lines. I guess if my type isn't going to print on them correctly, I'd just as soon have them blank, without the rule lines. Very fun cards though, thanks!

  • LuAnn M

    I really liked these recipe card templates – they're pretty and easy to use. My only problem with them are the ruled lines. I guess if my type isn't going to print on them correctly, I'd just as soon have them blank, without the rule lines. Very fun cards though, thanks!

  • http://www.designsoftattoos.com/ marie

    These are cute….I downloaded them for me to use for my recipes….thanks!

  • Kori

    I'm having the same problem as LuAnn. I can type in the cards but it doesn't fit on the lines correctly. Any way to change that?? When I'm on the page that allows you to type in cards, I don't have any options to change my font size. I'm using a Mac.

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    I triple checked the cards and I have to say I'm a bit baffled as to why this is happening!

  • risi13

    These lists are perfect for my cooking nights! Each Saturday evening I bring some friends I know from a florist Phoenix AZ at my place and we cook and talk deep things and have a lot of fun. We share recipes and cooking tips, these card templates are just what I needed.

  • Lizzy

    I don't see the link where I can download the template. :(

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    Thanks for pointing out the error, Lizzy! It's fixed now :)

  • Carole Saylor

    I liked the design of the recipe cards. However, I was very disappointed that I couldn't save my recipes to my computer. I don't like having to keep track of paper recipes and I prefer to not kill unnecessary trees. I deleted the template and won't use it. Carole Saylor

  • haleyelayne

    I LOVE these cards Is there a way I can get them in 3×5?

  • Chandapie

    These are so pretty! Thanks so much for your time and talent. They worked great for me! I printed out my chili recipe for my cooking group that meets this Saturday. Thanks so much!

  • mindelicious

    This was exactly what I was looking for! I love that I can add type before I print. Thank you, thank you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PZ2LREWNDLD7P3IRSYLNJY2KII Channy

    I love it but how about a .jpg or .jpeg file too?

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    Hey Channy,

    The reason I stopped using jpg files is because I had tonnes of queries about why the sizing was wrong- people just want to hit ‘print’ and have it work, and the only way to make it almost foolproof was via the use of pdf files.

  • Rachey

    I love how these look! Is there any way you could make them a template for Microsoft word? I would like to be able to change the font and color of the text but can’t do that with the current template.

  • Jane Rivera

    Every cook needs a recipe card box in their kitchen to hold their secret family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. 

  • gena

    I am not seeing a download option on here right now as well. Are these still available?

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    They should be there now!

  • Katkllctr

    Did you ever get them in 3×5?  I need that size as well.

  • Amanda

    I had to search quite a bit, but thankfully I found your site and found these amazing pdf recipe cards! Much easier to work with than an online form that you have to plug the different pieces in, and many other places print out in the wrong size. Here, 4X6 really is 4X6 when it is printed! Thank you!

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    Glad you like the cards, Amanda! Thanks for the lovely comment. x

  • Caitlin

    Love the cards, and would love if you could save and EDIT them! They are too close to one another & I like to make mine double sided so I have PLENTY of room for my recipes, when I try to print them out double sided, they overlap and are way off. So therefore I have no use for this template. Sad.

  • http://www.messyvegetariancook.com Kip

    Hi Caitlin,

    I bet there are loads of cool recipe cards on pinterest, so that may be a good place to start looking for cards more suited to your purposes.