Easy Udon Noodle Snack Recipe

I love me some noodles, and luckily they are one of those things that work in incredibly simple recipes. In fact I find that with noodles, the simpler the ingredients the better the flavour. This easy vegetarian recipe using udon noodles is no different, and can be prepared in 20 minutes. This recipe serves two as a snack or starter.


This noodle recipe, as with most of its kind, is all about the broth. It needs to be good awesome. Luckily that’s a task simply achieved in this case, with only a few basic ingredients. Dried shiitake mushrooms are the key ingredient, and if you don’t already use these I would highly recommend them as a basic kitchen staple ingredient. They are incredibly versatile and will add pizazz to any broth or soup, with the added plus of a brilliant flavour and texture.

Simple and Easy Udon Recipe

Serves two as a light snack. Double up to serve two as a main.
  • Directions/Method
    1. Make the broth first. Do this by simply mixing all of the ingredients but the sesame oil, noodles, and chives together. Leave to brew on a low heat for at least 20 minutes.
    2. Remove the shiitake mushrooms, which will now be fluffy and edible. Avoid and discard the stem by chopping the sides off around it (it’s edible but very tough). Dice the mushrooms.
    3. Cook the noodles as instructed. I tend to boil for 3-4 minutes. Drain the udon noodles and split between two bowls.
    4. Pour the broth over the noodles and garnish with the diced shiitake mushrooms and chives (if desired). Drizzle a small splash of sesame oil over each dish and serve.

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  1. RobbinsWriting says

    Thanks for this recipe–I’ve been wanting udon, but don’t want the msg and bonito that are usually found in store-bought dashi. I have a packet of sansai mix (wild or mountain vegetables) that will top this off perfectly!

  2. says

    Nice recipe. Simple looking but seems really yummy from here. Thanks for sharing!

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