Decadent Seitan and Comforting Mac

More testing for Dynise, the Urban Vegan, this time for a savoury and sensual seitan dish and a macaroni comfort lunch. Both were sublime, in my opinion, coming through as potentially two of my favourite recipes thus far.

The seitan dish is made with a rich porcini mushroom sauce. Save mushroom soaking time (which is an effortless task anyway), the preparation time clocks in at a lengthy 15-20 minutes. You could easily fool your date into thinking you spent the afternoon slaving away for the romantic dinner for two you just served up on your shirt and the floor on the table (it dawns on me not everyone functions like me in the kitchen).

Spicy Mac and Cheese

Not what I was expecting out of a mac and cheese recipe at all, this concoction features a rather moreish Southeast Asian inspired sauce that utilises fresh vegetables (hint: not even a smidge of turmeric enters to get that bold colour). I’ll admit I was somewhat doubtful initially but experience has taught me to try recipes before jumping to conclusions, and in the case of this moderately spicy mac and cheese I was glad I gave it that chance.

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