A fruity, healthier alternative to crisps

I’m not generally a great fan of typical snack foods on their own; for instance I rarely eat crisps without a sandwich I can smash them into. In fact, when it comes to snacking I generally opt for small portions of large meals. Yeah, but I know I’m a little alone on that front as most people aren’t in a position to be able to cook that way on a regular basis (I work from home, so kitchen access is ever present in my daily routine). I know there’s a definite need for portable snack foods, whether for school lunches or quick in office bites, so it’s nice to see the market being filled with healthier options like these fruit crisps.

Not long ago (okay, actually it was awhile ago), Perry Court Farm sent me a sample of their air dried fruit crisps to sample. The ingredients of each of the three flavours include only the fruit in the packet. No preservatives, no added sweeteners. One ingredient each. That’s it. And this is the sort of thing that’s perfect for a kid’s lunch, too. I know there’s a lot of trying to fit in and what not, so while other kids are tearing open a packet of crisps at least there’s a semblance of similarity going on.

All three of the fruit crisps are great-tasting, and are the sort of thing I’d totally go hiking with or pack for tedious plane journeys (where I avoid too much processed sugar as it tends exacerbate the headache I’m likely to get from a long flight anyway).

There are two varieties of air dried apple crisps, a sweet variation made from Cox Orange Pippin apples and a tangy pack made from Bramleys. The former isn’t overly sweet at all (a perfect level, really), and the tangy crisps are what you’d expect from that variety of apple (sweet, with a tart undertone).

The pear crisps are by far my favourite, due to the fact that they taste like a mixture of cocoa butter and caramel. I’m no great pear fan, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these.

All of the fruit is grown and picked locally at Perry Court Farm, so if you’re into supporting local businesses then this is a company to check out.

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