Koko Siam, a central vegan option

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of pictures. You can blame my chatty companion. Distractions.

Koko is a cute and stylish little place which is clearly popular with the lunch set, but despite the custom moving fast the atmosphere is still friendly. While I have only visited this establishment once, and during the Thailand vegetarian festival when the restaurant goes fully meat free, rumour has it there is always a vegetarian menu (and that it in fact comprises a fair chunk of the regular menu). Like in many Thai eateries, however, you will need to clarify if you wish for oyster sauce to be omitted from some dishes.

It’s best you like your neighbour, because chances are you will be sitting extremely close. I dined alongside an intelligent Burmese businesswoman who chatted with me about the pressures she faced from her friends and family to partner up. It wasn’t her priority to marry and have a family, and she was proud for me to know it (and I was proud to find this dining companion)! Her constant validation of my love for solo travel was refreshing, especially when two of the most frequent questions I am asked abroad are “why isn’t your husband here with you?” and “how many children do you have?”

The spicy mushroom and soy salad with mint salad I ordered seemed like it would be a larb style dish, but it was instead a pretty standard stir fry of mushrooms, vegetables, tofu, and mint leaves over rice. A good, fast, pick-me-up lunch. 

I also tried a dish which consisted of deep fried mushroom with basil and peppercorns; my new friend ordered it and offered me a nibble. You can’t really go wrong with mushrooms or deep fried anything, so this was always going to be an okay option.

Koko wasn’t my absolute favourite, but it is really convenient (right next to Siam BTS) and I would absolutely return if I wanted to grab a speedy lunch after an hour in the gigantic three floor Daiso shop right nearby.

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