New Vegan Shoe Company Launching Soon

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fashionista, and I own very few pairs of shoes. Still, when I’m in the market for a new pair, I want something reasonably fashionable, comfortable, and ethically-produced that won’t break the bank.

Caramel Knee Length Vegan Boot

I also have a marked preference, when I do engage in my once every five years shoe purchase, for shoes that do not look hand made with a spoon and cost a fortune. Furthermore, the ethics behind a brand are important to me and do play a role in who gets my dosh.

From what I’ve seen, the Wills Vegan Shoes brand appears to fit the bill. Workers are paid reasonable wages in accordance with European set guidelines, the shoes are 100% vegan friendly and look good, and they are to be available at high street prices.

I’ve never personally worn the brand, but my partner has a pair of Eco Vegan Shoes (which Will Green, the founder of Wills, was behind), as does a friend, and they both rave about the high levels of comfort. I absolutely intend to give Wills Vegan Shoes a shot after it launches.
Black Mid-Length Vegan Boot with Buckles

So if your interest is piqued, visit the official Wills Vegan Shoes website to enter your email address for a £10 voucher to be used once the site is live (soon).

If you’re all up with the social media thing, feel free to ‘like’ Wills Shoes on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter: @WillsVeganShoes.

Oh, and if you do buy a pair in future I would love to hear your thoughts!

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    Saw these guys at VegFest over the weekend and was pretty impressed with their range. Like you, I’ve never been big into shoes, but I like what I like which, along with being vegan, can make buying a little tricky…
    Definitely going to keep this company in mind.

  2. says

    Thank you for the mention! I’ve not heard of them before. Recently I fell in love with Stella McCartney shoes and started wearing them and now I’m really interested in other affordable vegan shoes!

    • says

      I was a huge Buorgeois Boheme, but they stopped trading a year or two back. They’ve been saying they’ll launch next season again for a few seasons now, though, so hopefully they’ll be back some day!

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