Vegan Mexican Cuisine in Annapolis

Mexican Cafe Burrito

The Mexican Café
Contributed by Kip

609 Melvin Ave
Maryland, 21401

I came across The Mexican Café while searching for vegan friendly dining options in Annapolis to suit a group. You know, the sort of place that appeals to both my own and the tastes of family and other dining companions. The menu only has one vegan main listed (a burrito), but I’ve read a few accounts of other menu items being easily modified to be vegan.

This place is more of a full blown restaurant than a café, with a fair amount of seating and regular hours, and the employees are a patient and friendly bunch. Chips and salsa hit the table shortly after you’re seated, and there are additional hot sauces to spice up your nosh. I had the vegan burrito on both of my visits, and enjoyed it on each occasion – not the most exciting dish, but tasty nevertheless. I’d like to have a more prolonged chat with the staff about other veganisable options upon my next visit, which I will do the next time I’m in the area.

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