Baltimore has soul, and it’s damn good!

Lunch plates from Land of Kush

The Land of Kush
Contributed by Kip

840 N. Eutaw St
Maryland, 21201

This vegan owned star of the Baltimore vegan scene dishes out soul food as good as any you’d find on any non veggie Southern menu. What’s better is the food is devoid of the nasty kind of cholesterol generally associated with this rich cuisine. You’ll still find all the favourites, from sesame seasoned cooked cabbage and tantalising smoked collards to drumsticks that are so like chicken you’ll do a double take. The BBQ ribs are another must try – my dad, a dedicated omnivore, thoroughly enjoyed both the taste and realistic texture, and said he’d happily return for more. I think my parents and I probably ordered about 67,000 portions of mac and cheese, since no self-respecting human being does anything but that, and it too does not disappoint.

The Land of Kush is a friendly place, and with great customer service to boot. These attributes were displayed in patiently attending to my mother’s query about every menu item and then again fourteen more times, and in giving me a free side upon accidentally botching my order. Smiles abounded, on the faces of both staff and customers, which almost demands a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Go here for a meal if you want want feel good food in a place with a feel good vibe. I can’t wait to return!

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