Cookbook Review: Vegan Finger Foods

Kimchi Stuffed Sausages

Kimchi Stuffed Sausages from Vegan Finger Foods

When it comes to cookbooks, both Tamasin Noyes (of Vegan Appetite) and Celine Steen (of Have Cake Will Travel) never disappoint, so naturally I was delighted to receive a copy of their latest project Vegan Finger Foods. Packed full of recipes for party friendly treats to please any stomach, this collection features over 100 plant-based, bite-size dishes of yum.

The recipes are broken down into four chapters: veggie-centric finger feasts (where vegetables star), stuffed and dipped (now we’re talking – the kimchi stuffed sausages are fabulous), bread-based bites (carbohydrates of any size are winners), and sweet little somethings (the tahini caramel popcorn works especially well). Icons alongside recipes also dictate useful tips, like if the dish is one that can be made ahead, if it’s fast to prepare, and/or if there’s potential for it to be gluten free.

Buy this cookbook if…

  • You entertain. Whether you’re in need of pre dinner snacks or a buffet spread, the recipes in this book are perfect for people in your house who want to put a variety of things that taste good into their mouths.
  • You are me when I’m by myself, because there aren’t actually any clean plates nor cutlery so I need to be able to eat most things with my hands (my dishwasher/caregiver is currently away).
  • You like a lot of variety on one plate. Many of the recipes in Vegan Finger Foods are very straightforward as well as being easy to cut down. That means you can make smaller portions of a lot of fun and tasty dishes to try in one sitting.
  • You like to make things you might otherwise buy. While nothing in this book is over complicated, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own faux sausages from scratch, as well as store cupboard items that taste a thousand times better when freshly home made, like bread and crackers.


The Messy Vegetarian Cook received a complimentary copy of this cookbook for review, but all opinions are my own.

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