Review Policy

From time to time I receive products and foods to review. If you have a query about sending a product for review and/or a giveaway, please get in touch. I do not positively endorse any product in exchange for money or free items.

If I accept a product for review or use, please understand that I may or may not discuss it on this blog. If it’s something I love and think my readers will enjoy or benefit from, then I’ll more than likely be happy to write about it. Paid reviews are out of the question; I will not accept any form of payment under the pretense that’ll write an unconditionally positive review. All opinions expressed will be honest and my own.

Please use the contact form here.


I work online for a living, with more than a dozen websites of varying content under my belt, so advertising is how I earn income. This revenue helps to pay for the site and any tools in which I invest to make my job here better (for you and me).

I’m also a member of the Amazon associates program, so I earn a small percentage of sales from any Amazon links clicked on site. This does not affect the price you pay for a product through Amazon.

If you are an advertiser interested in a sponsored post I am not necessarily opposed to the practice so long as the views expressed reflect my own and do not compromise the integrity of this site. Any sponsored posts will be clearly labelled as such.


This website and all of its contents are copyright © Catherine M. Dorrell 2006-2012. All rights reserved. This prohibits any content, including but not limited to all text and photos, being used without permission. Commercial use and reproduction is prohibited without written consent.

By all means print and save recipes and information for your own non-commercial means and e-mail recipes to mum for Christmas dinner suggestions. All I ask is that you include the source with any transmissions.

Please contact me with any further questions and queries.